Working for us

Working abroad in Greece is a once in a lifetime experience – wake up to the sea every morning, make friends for life, explore the Ionian Islands on your day off – this is no ordinary job.


We like to think of Peligoni as home away from home, and our staff as the perfect hosts. The level of pride we take is second to none, our warm and friendly approach is never forgotten and our attention to detail is what makes our guests come back year after year.


As beautiful as the clubhouse is, we know that you’ll want to escape your workplace every now and then. Our staff often spend their days off exploring the island, taking boat trips, lazing in the sun and enjoying island life with their fellow colleagues. Within walking distance from the Club, there is a small beach and port area where you can chill in the sun during a break as well as a variety of restaurants and bars where you can have a quick beer or let your hair down on a night out.


Outside of working hours, our staff are free to enjoy some of the facilities that our guests have access to. Our staff are often seen waterskiing in the morning, enjoying an afternoon cocktail, windsurfing in the early evening, or attending a sunset yoga session.


We encourage everyone to get involved in all aspects of the club: mingling on a social evening, getting competitive at water volleyball and even getting the party started.


A working day could be an early start, getting your department ready for the day ahead and providing fantastic services in hot conditions. It could be taking over in the afternoon and working through the evening, while our guests party into the small hours. It could even begin with you hosting on the Shipwreck boat trip, and end making cocktails at a beautiful villa. Days can be tough, but no two are the same, and our dedicated staff are rewarded by the glistening Ionian on our doorstep, and a group of friends to create a hugely rewarding experience.