You’ve made it this far…  you must have some burning questions you need answers to! Below is a selection of questions we get asked the most about working for The Peligoni Club.

Where will I live?

We provide live-out accommodation for our overseas team and have a few different places which we use to house everyone. You will share a room with two or three of your like-minded colleagues. All but one of the accommodations are within walking distance of the club and the local Agios Nikolaos port, home to a selection of the local shops and restaurants. We provide a driver service for those further away to make sure they can reach the port, make it to work on time and get back when the club closes.

Will I have access to WIFI?

Not all of the staff accommodations have wifi, however you are welcome to use the wifi at the club (when you’re not on shift!) although it is not fast enough for downloads. Most of the restaurants in the port have free wifi.

What happens once I apply?

We will be in touch with you within 2 weeks of your application with a decision whether to move forward to a phone interview. If the phone call goes successfully, we will invite you to either an interview or assessment day. We will then be in touch to give you the good news and further information to get you ready for your unforgettable summer at The Peligoni Club.

How can I prepare for the recruitment process?

Do your research! We are looking for people who really match our job specifications and can tell us why they want to work at The Peligoni Club. Show off your skills and personality and think of what questions you might want to ask us.

How many staff members are employed in Greece?

We have approximately 100 seasonal and 15 local staff during peak season, so plenty of like-minded people to make friendships with that will last a lifetime.

What is involved in staff training?

We run a comprehensive in-house training program to bring you up to speed on how we do things at The Peligoni Club. We have chosen you because of your skills and experience – now let us explain the Peligoni ethos and how life at the club works.

Do I need a DBS check?

For positions where you will be alone with young people we will carry out a background check, if you are unable to provide us with a recent DBS certificate. If you do not have one, we will take care of all the applications, we may just need some further details from you.

Do I need to speak Greek?

It’s not necessary to speak Greek while working in the club as the majority of our guests are British. We do have some local staff and work with local suppliers so a few words in Greek will always be appreciated in the local area.

What are the working hours?

The working hours all depend on what position you are applying for, however you can expect to work between 8 and 9 hours a day. Shift patterns vary depending on what department you are working in and can be a combination of early starts, late finishes and split shifts. Please remember this is the service industry and as such you will be required to work longer hours as and when required.

Are there further career opportunities within Peligoni after the season?

The Peligoni Group is a growing business with a great passion for the industry and the people who work within it. If you like hard work and making a difference to how people enjoy their well earned holidays then there could be further opportunities available. Just talk to us during the season and we’ll see how we can work together in the future.

Can I use the Club's facilities?

We encourage you to use the club’s watersports facilities during your time off to try something new or improve on skills you’ve already got. This is always, however, at the discretion of our Beach Manager and guests will always come first. You will, on occasion, be invited to visit the club’s restaurant and bars, where you will receive a generous discount on selected drinks. Whenever you are in the club, whether working or not, you are representing Peligoni and therefore need to be respectful and presentable. Anyone deemed to be behaving inappropriately could find themselves being sent home.

How do I get around the local area?

Most of the accommodations in the local area are within walking distance of the club and the local shops. If you live a bit further out we have a driver that can shuttle you back and forth at certain times. Those on a day off will have access to a rental car so you can explore different areas of the island with others. To drive in Greece, you must hold a full UK/EU driving license and be 21+.

Do I need to bring my own towels and bed linen?

We will provide all bed linen and towels, leaving you plenty of room in your suitcase!

Are there shops near the staff accommodation?

There are local shops in the port which are reasonably priced. However you might want to make the most of having access to a car on your day off and visit a larger supermarket, such as Lidl, which have better prices.

What is there to do outside of work?

You are very welcome to use the water sports facilities at the club, at the discretion of the Beach Manager, when you are not working. There is an area close to the club and a small beach in the port where you can chill in the sun. There are a variety of restaurants and bars in the port where you can get away from the club, use the wifi, have a beer or let your hair down on a night out. On your day off there is plenty to do around the island; take boat trips, be lazy in the sun and enjoy island life with fellow staff.

What are staff meals like?

Catering for over 100 people can be a daunting task, however we have a very skilled team who provide delicious and nutritious meals, three times a day. Please inform us of any food allergies before coming to Greece.

What uniform do I wear during work hours?

Uniform does vary slightly according to what position you have been employed for. Some uniform is provided and you will also be expected to provide some of your own. We will advise on what you need to bring with you.

Uniform is only to be worn at work and if you are off-duty but in the club you will need to be dressed smartly.

How long is the season?

Our season runs from May through to September, with July and August being our peak period. If you’re coming to us for the whole season you will fly out to Greece in mid-May for training and to get the club ready for our first guests arriving for May half term. You will then enjoy 5 months of stimulating work and relaxing downtime before our last guests leave in mid-September. After a few days of cleaning and closing down the club, you’ll be flying back to the UK with new friends and wonderful memories.

What if I can't make the start of the season?

If you can’t join us for the whole season we still want to hear from you. We will have an additional group of reinforcements arriving at the beginning of July who will stay with us for the busiest 8 weeks of the season.

Do I need a work permit?

Most UK and EU nationals do not need a visa or work permit but citizens of non-EU countries may be required to have these documents. Please ensure you are eligible to work in the EU for the full length of the season before applying.

Can I go home during the season?

If you are employed for the full season, you can request holiday, however this cannot always be guaranteed. For those joining us for the peak season only, you will be unable to take holiday during this short period. We are of course sympathetic in an emergency and will treat such cases on an individual basis.