About Us

Back in the day, the betting business was all too… predictable. Punters won some, lost some, and bookies seemed to feel they’d done their job if they took the money, handed out the slips, and occasionally swept the betting shop floor.

Since we were founded in 1988, Paddy Power has done things differently. We think punters deserve a betting experience that is fun, fair and entertaining.

So we put customers at the heart of our business, engaged them with pioneering innovations, and listened to them when they told us what they thought. If it went against every convention of old-fashioned bookmaking… so much the better. In fact, we like to think we’ve rewritten the rules of entertainment as well as the tired clichés about bookmakers. We’ve led the whole industry in developing online and retail betting based on the simple idea of giving customers value and pleasure – and we’ve had a good time along the way.

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we are proud of our market-leading positions. We are one of the largest bookmakers (in revenue terms) in the British and Irish market, and Sportsbet is the leading corporate bookmaker in Australia. We launched Paddy Power in Europe’s biggest betting market, Italy, in May 2012. And our B2B business offers white-label services in partnership with the French horse racing pools operator PMU in France and with British Columbian Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in British Columbia.

But with big we’ve not become boring: we remain pioneers – committed to providing customers with an ever more entertaining betting experience, on ever more platforms, in ever more markets.