Our Locations

Currently we have six locations. Our largest restaurant, ROVI and NOPI combines the essence of Ottolenghi within a more elegant environment. Our Islington and Spitalfields locations offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and is the closest we have to a flagship restaurant. We also have two delis in west London whose focus is on providing great take-away food and catering events. No matter which location, quality food and natural wine, warm and detailed service and an aesthetic appreciation lie at the heart of our business.

Ottolenghi Notting Hill

This is where it all began- Ottolenghi Notting Hill is the first Ottolenghi deli which opened in 2002. The shop is small and busy with beautiful display of fresh salads, cakes and pastries. Our communal table at the back seats up 10 guests.

Ottolenghi Islington:

This is both a deli and restaurant we opened in 2004 and it has become the flagship Ottolenghi location. Tables are mostly long and communal but there are a handful of tables for two, seating about 50 people. The chic, all-white interiors & counters are loaded with salads, savouries and cakes.

Ottolenghi Spitalfields:

This is the largest and newest of Ottolenghi delis, sitting 70 people, with all of the bustle and atmosphere you’d expect from its Spitalfield’s location. Guests can either dine at the tables or the bar, where they can take in the cocktail-making action. For those on the go, there’s a pack-to-order counter service for food to take away, as well as a grab-and-go fridge fully of ready-made salads and sandwiches for lunch.

Ottolenghi Belgravia:

Small but charming deli in Motcomb street with a beautiful display of our fresh salads and a wide selection of baked and patisserie products in the windows. We have a little communal table at the back of our Belgravia deli for our guests.


Our Soho-based restaurant has some of the Ottolenghi trademarks – platters full of salads greet customers as they arrive, a menu which celebrates bold flavours – but NOPI has a very different feel to the Ottolenghi delis. The marble is white, the brass is golden, the art is dynamic, the pace is a little faster. The more formal design of the ground floor gives way to the informality of the communal dining downstairs, where two long canteen tables look onto the theatre of the open kitchen.


Our newest restaurant in Fitzrovia is different to anything we've done in the past. The 85 seat restaurant serves a menu with vegetables at its heart but with a fresh focus on fermentation and cooking over fire. ROVI also features a large central bar with cocktails based on seasonal spices and house shrubs, and a dynamic low-intervention wine list from small producers.

We've teamed up with farmers who are passionate about growing great produce while respecting the environment. Fruit and vegetables will be come directly from biodynamic Brambletye in Sussex, and from Organiclea, a cooperative in East London.