About Us


OCLL has successfully operated the facilities for 5 years so far providing improved health, well being, and physical activity pathways for the people of Oldham.

The management team have worked hard over the last five years to raise the profile of OCLL and have secured redevelopment initiatives to improve the leisure stock within Oldham. Projects that are being developed include the health and wellbeing centres at Chadderton Royton and Crompton, and an extension to Saddleworth Pool. Synthetic pitches are being improved at several sites.

The reviewed Strategic Performance Plan has a much sharper focus on achieving the community cohesion agenda and specifically targeting groups such as young people and older people.

The Management Committee is fully committed to the success of OCLL. Furthermore it recognises the critical importance of the skills and expertise of the staff to deliver an effective and continuously improving service, identifying the need therefore to provide appropriate opportunities for the development and rewarding of the staff at all levels within the organisation.