Our Story

When the first Oakman Inn opened its doors in 2007, the vision behind it was simple: to create the perfect environment to come and enjoy great food and drink whilst catching up with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.

Founded by entrepreneur and CEO Peter Borg-Neal, our company has established a new concept of the ‘modern public house’ by successfully transforming both historic and modern buildings into contemporary spaces that have a strong sense of identity and integration within the local communities they serve. 

We apply that same level of care and attention to detail to the provenance of our food and drink, and using only the finest high-quality ingredients that are traceable and responsibly sourced, we are proud to serve Mediterranean-inspired dishes cooked in wood-fired ovens and on Josper grills using traditional cooking techniques.

Ten years after we opened The Akeman in Tring, and our passion for local food, inspiring design, and careful conservation has continued to grow – and we are honoured to have had that philosophy recognised with numerous awards and accolades. We know what it takes to deliver a memorable experience, and that’s why you’ll always find yourself at home in each of our Oakman inns.