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Our boutique hotels – My Bloomsbury, My Chelsea and My Brighton – are unique for giving you a personalised service that reflects your tastes, in an ambience that celebrates the qualities of each neighbourhood.


Each hotel offers you warm hospitality that combines style, design and culture. We are especially proud of our connections with local creatives – from artisan food and drink, to art and craftsmanship – whose products and services you’ll find in the very fabric of our hotels. By working with these like-minded partners we can also offer you one-off in-house events and experiences. It thrills us to give you bespoke insights into our local neighbourhood.


We’ve chosen our locations to parachute you straight into the heart and soul of each area. It’s all on your doorstep for you to explore and discover.  Our knowledgeable team will be bursting to tell you about great little places they know you’ll love.
Our service to you is fresh, exciting, energising and grows organically. We build our service around what you tell us you like, so that with every day, and with every stay, you will find yourself thinking – this hotel really is My Hotel.

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