We are SWAG

What is SWAG?

Well, here at Megan's it is our Service buzzword, at it's most simple it is an acronym of the words Smile, Warm, Adaptable & Genuine. We believe these 4 small, yet extremely effective behaviours make the perfect combination for great service whilst allowing all our lovely Team Members personalities to shine through.

Megan's is a place where we very much encourage people to be themselves. We want personalities to shine through when welcoming and serving guests in our beautiful restaurants. So whilst SWAG may stand for Smile, Warm, Adaptable and Genuine it also means bring your own individual style to work with you too; whether that be the way you chose to dress, your personal service style or even your bright hair colour.

What we are trying to say is SWAG helps us avoid accidentally creating lots of little Megans and drives us to create a diverse team full of charisma, charm and a lots individuality.