What We Offer

Every one of our job roles has it’s own pay bracket, so for every role, we reward hard work with higher rates of pay based on your own performance. Once you reach the top end of one role, you should be ready to make the leap up to the next role and start climbing that ladder once again. All tips are shared with the whole team of that site, whatever your role, you are contributing to service and deserve a cut

Work to live:

We know that for some, flexibility is key, which is why we will always aim to make your job with MEATliquor fit perfectly around the rest of your world. We do not have fixed hourly contracts, you can tell us how many hours a week you’re looking for and when your availability is, we will always do our best to make that work. Want to fit 45 hours into 4 days, no problem at all. Keeping our teams happy outside of work means they’re happy to come to work, so let us know how we can make working for us, work for you

What we offer

The extras:

  • QUARTERLY BONUS (in management positions)
  • FREE MEALS EVERY SHIFT (optional of course)