Our Values

Chilli Dog

Sky's the limit


We offer fully paid for, professional training for all our roles. Whatever skills you may have already, we will always aim to teach you a thing or two. And we love nothing more than learning something from any of our new employees. Bring your ideas don’t be afraid to make suggestions. We fill around 80% of our management roles through internal promotions and have host of success stories over on our ‘MEAT the team’

Lead by example

Legendary managers build legendary teams, so we make sure our managers are fully trained and equipped to build, train and nurture their teams. Our managers operate an open door policy. If you’re experiencing issues inside or outside of work, if you’re looking for a new challenge, or if you just fancy having a chat we are here to help

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Green Chilli

Support and feedback

Our teams work hard and we make sure they are rewarded for that in their pay packets, perks and overall company culture. We are always looking to improve so every 3-6 months, all employees will be given a team member check in so that we can evaluate your performance, offer a fair mixture of praise and improvement to be made and find out how we’re doing as employers

Don't be a Richard

We wish it didn’t have to be said, but we’ll say it anyway. Whatever your race, gender, religious beliefs, family situation, sex life, looks, outside interests, or any other characteristics you can think of, don’t make a difference to us. We have a strict no tolerance policy for any cases of discrimination or harassment from anyone. This includes any team member and any of our customers. The workplace should be always a safe environment, if anyone can’t get to grips with that, they will be swiftly removed