About Us

Matt Roberts is the UK’s leading Personal Trainer and for more than two decades has driven the industry forwards through his own training facilities, internationally best selling books, vast media work and speeches aimed at making everyone more able to achieve their goals with ease

Responsible for honing some of the most famous physiques in the fashion, music and politics industry, Matt is also the health and fitness expert for a number of national and international media outlets.

The relocation of our pioneer Mayfair Club from Berkeley Street to Grosvenor Square allows us to rejuvenate and extend our services to continue to offer the highest level of cutting edge training, delivered with exceptional hospitality.

Matt Roberts Evolution is set to be London’s leading one stop destination for fitness and wellness.

Our most innovative club to date, we will offer bespoke personal services such as Pilates in both prescriptive and classical style classes, a Yoga studio teaching a variety of practices such as infrared yoga, meditation and mindfulness, a skincare and wellness clinic providing medically led laser treatments, IV therapy, and hormone blood profiling, two physiotherapy treatment rooms, as well as the exemplary personal training that is eponymous of our brand.

Our expert team shares a depth of technical and scientific knowledge that is evident in our style and approach, from both a diet and fitness perspective. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations with our individually tailored training programs, and the level of care and attention we provide to each and every person. Every detail of the experience has been thought about, no matter how big or small.

With over 20 years of experience, we consistently deliver our clients’ goals. Our team is results driven and place a great deal of emphasis on movement control, mobility and stability. We are looking for new joiners to share this dedication and work tirelessly to continuously improve the Matt Roberts Evolution brand.

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