The London EDITION houses an array of modern and exciting bars to experience throughout the property. From the all-day accessible Lobby Bar, Berners Tavern Bar and to our signature world-renowned cocktail bar, Punch Room, there is a great selection of spaces for guests to enjoy, each with their own vibe and unique offerings.

Punch Room:
There’s no better way to cap off your evening in Fitzrovia than with a craft cocktail at the Punch Room, a modern reincarnation of London’s 19th-century private clubs. Designed to be an intimate space away from the Soho crowds, the bar boasts 30 specialty punches – including the signature gin-infused EDITION house punch. A curated soundtrack of soul, blues, ragtime and doo-wop is complemented by impromptu live performances.


Lobby Bar:
A twist on a traditional hotel space, the Lobby Bar was conceived for both work and play. Eclectic art, including a stainless steel orb reflecting the entire scene, is paired with iconic British and European design elements. And connections, real and virtual, are encouraged with a communal table and complimentary Wi-Fi. The bar offers twists on classic cocktails and overlooks intimate seating areas with tufted sofas and a snooker table.