About us

Wow.  Ok, THAT was a year we will be happy to put behind us!  Entering into our 11th year as a brand, MamuĊ›ka! Polish Kitchen and Bar is looking to double our size compared to our 2019 success, and this is DEFINITELY the most exciting time to be working on the team!

Our MASSIVE industrial site of steel, wood and concrete in South Bank is already famous for great delicious home style Polish food, but in 2021 will become famous for unique corporate events, an awesome bar experience and fantastic memories.

Our incredible food, enjoyed in the spacious Old Arch Dining Hall, keeps loyal customers coming back again and again. But The Platform Bar is going to make the fun side of the business get veryinteresting this coming year!

Think product and album launches, televised events and major events!

We love to promote from within the Team, but given the exodus following the pandemic we need fresh blood at every level of the organisation, ready to start in January! We are looking for people who are hard-working and can enjoy the buzz with their colleagues while delivering our top notch customer-first experience.

The pay and benefits are great, the venue is amazing, the food and drink are beautiful creatures of which you will be proud, and we are determined to make a big name for ourselves in 2021.

We are properly chuffed to be inviting the brightest, most ambitious, and most exciting candidates to come and add their energy to our team!

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