The exciting bit

The magic of wine

People often ask us – what’s the best thing about working with wine? We all love wine at Majestic, we’re absolutely head over heels about it. So, we’re pretty confident any of our team will give the same answer – we work with an incredible product, there’s always something new to discover about wine, so no day is the same. Tasting a new wine, or remembering an old favourite is pretty exciting too. It’s just great fun working with such an amazing product every day.

What’s the best thing about working in retail you ask? Well, the same really, every day in retail is different. There are always new things to challenge and stimulate you. One day you might be helping a really great customer choose the perfect wines for a very special birthday dinner, the next you’re learning how to become a leader for the best wine retailer in the UK. Perhaps the best thing about retail is that it’s all about people…the brilliant people that you’ll be working with in your store team and all the different people who come through your doors, keen to discover wines they’ll love.

We’d love you to come and share our passion, and help to share all the great stories about our wines with customers. Our Trainee Managers join us with all levels of wine knowledge, from none at all (but enthusiastic to learn more) to genuine connoisseurs. If you’re willing to put the time in, after just three months you’ll be able to identify what a wine is and where it comes from just by looking at it, smelling it and tasting it. Not a bad party trick?!

Within your first six months on the Retail Leadership Programme, we’ll invite you to the Support Centre to start working towards your Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Level 2 Certificate. This industry-recognised qualification is respected all over the world and will help you on your way to become a wine wizard. In parallel, we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to bring wine to life for our customers. Once you’ve got that under your belt if you’re keen to up your knowledge, are super passionate and meet the grade, we also offer the opportunity to study for the WSET Level 3 and the two-year WSET Level 4 Diploma subject to meeting the entrance criteria.

If you’re joining us in a Support Centre team and want to boost your wine knowledge, you’ll also have the opportunity to study for and gain your WSET Level 2. Plus, there’s a whole host of wine tastings on offer.

And there’s more...

As well as the WSET and in-store training, there’s a variety of other opportunities for you to keep learning more.

Wine Tasting

You’ll get invited to some amazing tastings and this is a great opportunity to try some wonderful products, meet interesting winemakers and support your training. They are also perfect for picking up the personal stories behind the products that our customers love.

Educational Trips

Every year a number of our team get to experience a harvest at a vineyard in Europe. Seeing the process first hand really brings the magic of wine to life!

Secondments in France

Having stores in Calais, means every year we can offer a number of Trainee Managers a secondment in France, to experience both wine and living the other side of the Channel.


If you’re joining us on our fast paced Retail Leadership Programme, you’ll be supported by an intense learning programme, in-store and in the classroom. Hands-on experience is hard to beat, and you’ll learn a lot along the way in the physically challenging store environments about retail, operations, customer service, wine and sales. But we also know that there’s a lot to being a retail leader that you can’t learn on the shopfloor. From your second week as a Trainee Manager you’ll be invited on a structured programme of training at our Support Centre in Watford, which will continue throughout your time at Majestic. The programme has been designed to give you all the skills you’ll need at each stage of your journey, and will also give you the great opportunity to learn and share with you colleagues from across the country.

If you’re joining us as a Sales Assistant or Driver, your Store Manager will get you up to speed with the inner workings of Majestic in no time at all, ensuring you’re equipped to deliver our exceptional customer service and run a smooth operation.

And finally, if you’re joining us in the Support Centre, we’ll ensure the right learning is in place for you to develop the skills you need to succeed and grow in your role.