Macellaio Roberto Costa

Macellaio Roberto Costa aims to showcase the best possible products and ingredients from Italy. The emphasis is definitely on beef, with a range of cuts from Fassona cattle, a breed native to Piemonte, in north-west Italy.

Dishes range from beef carpaccio, battuta all'Albese (Italian-style beef tartare) and charcuterie platters to connoisseur's cuts of steak, Fiorentina and Costata among our best cuts.

Each of our restaurants is specialized in dry aging our meat, You could define our first restaurant in South Kensington as a Meat Heaven, while our second born restaurant in Exmouth Market decided to ‘go fishing’ and carefully balance Fassona Beef with Blue Fin Tuna from Sicily in a perfect mix. Our new site opening in mid-September in Union St. instead will feature the ‘Macellaio Theatre’ together with a bakery.

The aging process is what make us stand out: our meat is aged up to 50 days, our tuna for 7 days and the dough of our Pissa (not Pizza) will rest for 36 hours before being cooked.

The all-Italian wine list is large, covering almost every area of Italy. We select our wines from both important producers like Antinori and small traditional producers aiming for the quality rather than the qantity.

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