At LOLA we believe that work should be something that you enjoy doing, we believe that you should never dread going to work and we also believe that it’s a place that you should always be treated with respect. Work should work for you and should provide you with skills that you can use across your all aspects of your life, whether it is a temporary job or your dream career!

If you believe this as well then we have the job for you!! If not then no need to read on.

We, hopefully with your help, are trying to improve working conditions and wages for all workers in the hospitality industry. Join us!


Don’t have experience? Your CV not great? Don’t worry, experience is not required and we don’t take CVs because people are more than a piece of paper!

We offer training in many forms, online and on the job. We have people at the shifts that will help you if you’re new or, if you have experience, you could be that person! We need reliable, positive people who will work hard and have fun while they do it. If this sounds like you then please apply! We believe with the right people we can achieve anything!


We have work all year round and are especially busy with events over the summer and winter periods. You could be working at Wembley or the Natural History Museum or any number of 5 star hotels among other venues! Mainly we work in and around London!

The events vary in type and size, celebrity parties, rugby matches, conferences and expos. This work is perfect for students and young people who are looking for work to fit around other commitments. However, we do have many people that use it as their primary income. Either way if you want to take control of your work life then you will love it!

We think that the community is as important as the work itself so we encourage socials and we have a dedicated Facebook page for staff to socialise on!


Want to hear from some of our staff, check out our profile on Glassdoor! It’s an anonymous review site where employees can review their employers.


Go to our ads or website register and take control of your work! Join a great community and enjoy some rewarding work!

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