Herb House Spa

Herb House Spa is located within the grounds of Lime Wood Group and is dedicated to natural well-being and is inspired by its forest surroundings, it instils a sense of calm, well-being and serenity; for our guests it’s the perfect chilling retreat.

We truly care about people and their wellbeing; no matter what position you hold within the team at Herb House, we want all of our guests to feel taken care of at every point of contact. We love making people feel good, with our treatments, our food, our fitness classes and our passion for their wellbeing – it’s all about nourishing the mind, body and soul.

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Whichever role you might apply for, you can expect to receive the training and on-going support necessary both for your own development and for the team as a whole. We don’t follow fads or trends but rather are dedicated to what we believe in and stay true to our natural roots.