About Us

We’re a Belgian bakery and restaurant serving simple, wholesome and seasonal food. Le Pain Quotidien means “the daily bread” in French, and like our name suggests, we’re bakers at heart. Although our handmade, organic bread is how we got our start, we serve a variety of healthy options like organic coffee, pastries, eggs, tartines, soups, salads and desserts. At Le Pain Quotidien, we believe that food should be simple, nourishing and delicious. That’s why we source ingredients that are local or organic whenever possible. We also believe in the importance of eating a healthy, plant-based diet, so you’ll find many vegetarian or vegan options on our menu.

Our Values

Because we care about our guests, we care about the food and drinks we serve. They should always be of the highest quality, just as our service and our atmosphere. We also choose our hosts and partners based on their ability to contribute to our quality.

Convinced that less is more, we keep everything simple - from the amount of ingredients we use to the number of products on our menu and our interior choices. By omitting everything that is superfluous, we can stay true to our identity. Our simplicity is our strength.

We care about people. We treat them with kindness and generosity. And we want to bring them together to share experiences and form one community. You’ll always enjoy a warm feeling at Le Pain Quotidien, your home away from home. We want our guests to enjoy each other’s company. We want our hosts to be motivated by a sense of belonging. And we want our partners to feel as thrilled and involved as we do.

We care about our bakery heritage – and passing it on to our guests. That’s why we offer them a genuine experience, with real food and sincere service in a warm and characterful interior created with authentic materials. As we have been doing this for more than 30 years now, we have earned plenty of credibility.