Belgian Origin

Le Pain Quotidien is firmly rooted in the Belgian food culture, a bourgeois variant of French cuisine that is rich in tastes and products but less formal. Belgium has an enormous bread culture, which translates into a very diverse bread range. Belgians eat bread all day: early in the morning, preferably topped with chocolate spread, at noon as a side dish to their lunch, until the evening as the main ingredient of their evening meal.

We cherish the Belgian attitude, which combines a healthy chunk of humour with a good dose of common sense. As Belgians know the art of compromise like no other, we are therefore grounded all over the world. And just like Belgium itself, Le Pain Quotidien is a hidden diamond, sometimes raw, but always elegant and focused on the pure art of living.

All day Bakery
As our name suggests, we do not aspire to be anything else than a bakery- but not just any bakery. You are welcome to enjoy our typical tartines, made with 100% organic sourdough and other signature dishes at various moments of the day. We aim to accommodate you in the most optimal way, with opening hours that are in sync with every baker's location.

Table Communale 
"Ceci n'est pas une table". That's right: this isn't just any table. Our Table Communale is a crossroad for people - friends, family, and even strangers - to enjoy shared moments. Moreover, it is also a valued symbol of our community, which includes hosts, guests, and partners: all those who cherish Le Pain Quotidien and everything it stands for.

Combining simplicity with pureness, we prepare our meals with natural ingredients. We respect the shortest route from farm to fork, making sure that everything on our menu is of the highest quality. Moreover, you'll enjoy your stay at Le Pain Quotidien in an environment that is as natural and pure as our food and drinks. 


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