About us

Our leisure centres boast a full range of facilities including fitness studios, health suites, swimming pools, indoor & outdoor courts, pitches, tracks and café facilities.

Our purpose:
It is our mission to provide inclusive and safe environments where we deliver supportive and professional services for all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Join the team and help make a difference to the local communities in Hounslow!

Our people:
The Lampton Leisure team are a well-established, passionate and driven team, with a culture of high performance and excellent customer service. Our past successes have led us to where we are today, with an excellent reputation in all our facilities, and a hard-working team who thrive on the customer having the best experiences possible.

Our team are specialists in what they do, we are supportive to our people and customers, we offer a safe environment for the community and we ensure that we are successful and sustainable in all that we do.