Career Profile

LA Fitness-jobs-imageLife as a General Manager

"The reason I love my job is the daily interaction with my members and club team. I am surrounded by great people and get to play a key role in improving peoples lives through fitness. Every day I am faced with a new challenge, and develop my skills or learn new ones as a result of the fast paced environment I am in. My day consists of managing my team to deliver great service to our members, managing new membership sales plans and being 'the face' of my club. I focus on keeping my members happy so they don't want to leave, and finding new members to join in the fun."

The Challenges "My days can be long and sometimes tiring. When my Regional Director interviewed me he said 'this isn't for the faint hearted' and I can see now he was right! We have a lean, multi skilled team structure so some days you are a master of all trades which can be fun but challenging."


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Life as a Deputy Club Manager
"I have always been in to fitness and there aren't many companys I know of that you can be a Deputy Manager for a few years, then have a shot at getting your own club for the first time. My GM shows me something new every week and I can feel myself becoming a manager here. As Deputys we focus on either new membership sales or operations, when you have experience in both you should be ready to become a GM. Day to day I make sure the club is clean, looks great for our members and everything is safe and working. I work hard to manage my reception team to achieve their goals and always roll my sleeves up and get involved. "

The Challenges "If members want to escalate a complaint it is my job to find a solution to their issue. It's great finding the answers but being on the end of someone's frustration can be tough. I put a lot of energy in to what I do so by the end of the day I am shattered!"


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Life as a Fitness Service Manager

"I love fitness. It is in everything that I do and working with my club members is great. I work with the team of personal trainers and group fitness instructors to make sure the class timetable is fresh and has loads of variety, and that the gym floor sessions are getting people interested in something new. I teach at least 6 classes a week myself which is great because it keeps me close to the members."

The Challenges "There can be a lot to do and we don't have a big team. It keeps me busy but sometimes I wish I could get more done. My club is open all week so the 5.30am starts can be painful some days!"


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Life as a Receptionist

"I get paid to talk to people either in the club or on the phone. There are members I have known for years, and new faces of people who just what to have a look around the club and think about joining. I have been taught all about fitness supplement products so I can talk to members about what will help them achieve their fitness goals which means I am involved in fitness even if I am not on the gym floor with them. The best thing is I get to train for free because my gym membership is part of my benefits package. I work hard to give everyone who walks through my front door a warm welcome and see them leave with more energy than they arrived with."

The Challenges "It isn't easy to have a big smile on your face EVERY day, sometimes I have to fake it until I can make it."


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Life as a Membership Advisor

"I love being able to show people that joining LA fitness will make their life so much better and helping someone with their life change by giving them the facilities and environment to train in is a pleasure. The training I received included a great session by my Regional Sales Manager who taught me how membership at LA should be presented. I get feedback to help me improve all the time and acknowledgement when I do a great job. Best of all, I have the opportunity to write my own pay cheque... It is based on my ability and hard work but my earning potential is huge. On top of all that I get free membership for me and my girlfriend."

The Challenges "It can be long hours and high pressure, but that's half the fun. We hand out leaflets and have to find new potential members as part of the job. Some days that's great, others it can be tough to do.