About Us

Our Story...

My wife Irina and I thought of ‘Knot’ on an 18 hour train ride across Central Europe in the summer of 2010. We had the time to stop and reflect on life, and we decided that we wanted to see our friends and family more and create something meaningful.

Starting a business became our obsession.

My day job at the time involved a lot of travelling. I would often eat on the go, and consequently ate many pretzels. We thought that London deserved its own unique ‘soft’ version. We wanted our pretzels to be indulgent, yet natural, the best there could be. My wife and I spent a year fine-tuning the recipe on our kitchen table.

We have a passion for coffee and thought it made sense to pair some exceptional coffee beans to our baking to create a perfect offering. We hoped others might agree.

We opened a stall on Market place in Kingston upon thames in 2011. On our first day we sold a few. The next day we sold more. We thought we might be onto something. We put together a business plan and went to see the bank opposite to borrow some money. They gave us some, alas not enough, but together with some from friends and family we had what we needed to open our first ‘grown up’ kiosk in Clapham Junction in 2012.

And so the story continues…