Am I guaranteed a Job?  

You are guaranteed a job interview/s with a New Zealand employer. We try our best to get you placed with a New Zealand employer (if you do not get placed you are eligible for a full refund of your programme fees minus your £49 deposit)

What happens if I am unsuccessful at the hiring fair?

  • Summer - We will be running 3-4 hiring fairs through September, if you are unsuccessful at the first hiring fair with the first set of employers you will have the opportunity to interview at the remaining hiring fairs with a different set of employers.
  • Winter - You will interview with our employers at a hiring fair, if unsuccessful our team down in queenstown will work their hardest at finding you a placement with an alternative employer.

What accommodation is there available?

There are a variety of accommodation options available (Flat and House shares are the most popular). We will provide you with an accommodation guide prior to departure to allow you to start looking into accommodation. You will also have access to our Kiwi and Kiwi Facebook page, allowing you to connect with other participants who are heading out to New Zealand at the same time.

What experience is required?

The experience required will depend on the role you hope to secure. All customer facing roles require at least 6 months customer service experience.

Is insurance included?

Insurance is not included in your programme fees, however, we can direct you to a great insurance company that offer worldwide cover.

Can you help me with flights?

Yes. We have a flights team based in our UK office that work hard to find the best deals for our participants, they are always on hand to fire out quotes.

How much would I earn and would I be guaranteed work?

Your hourly pay rate will be dependant on your role, the average hourly rate ranges from $15-$17. For roles that require more experience or qualification the average pay will be higher. You will be guaranteed a minimum of 32 hours per week.

Could you connect me with other participants?

Once you have signed a job offer with one of our employers you will be invited to our Kiwi and Kiwi facebook page. Here you will have the opportunity to connect with other participants going to your resort/hotel or area. It is also a great way to keep Smaller Earth updated through the summer. We love receiving updates and pictures through the facebook page.

Do I have to go for a full year?

  • Winter - The winter programme requires a minimum of a 4 month commitment from you.
  • Summer- The summer programme requires a minimum of a 6 month commitment from you.