About Us

we are the fast food of the future, it’s Asian-inspired, good for you and delicious, power packed with zen goodness to help keep you on the ball. Made with passion and pride since 1997.

The only way we can create beautiful food each and every day is to have amazing people who are inspired and truly enjoy their job. We try to achieve this by putting people at the heart of what we do.

Our people team are here to help and support you through your journey with us. Whether you’re here to enjoy a summer in London, or you have dreams of managing your very own shop one day!

You don’t need to know how to make maki, how to cut salmon or how to cook rice to start working with us, you just need the right attitude.

Within 12 weeks of joining, become a team member pro earning £9.40 [including weekly bonus] or even a team leader earning £10.40 [including weekly bonus]. 88% of our managers started as team members and many even found love..!