Food & Wine

Humble Grape’s shelves (in-store and virtual thanks to the online shop) are stacked with 400 sustainable wines imported directly from their cherished “Hero Producers”, many on an exclusive basis so cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. 

Not all heroes wear capes…some press grapes. And these independent winemakers from small-production, family-run, organic vineyards around the world champion biodynamic, organic and sustainable winemaking. 

These boutique producers are the heart of the Humble Grape family. They visit the venues to train the Humble Grape team face-to-face, building a mutual respect and rapport and passing on their enthusiasm and love for their product.

The dishes created in Humble Grape’s kitchens all come down to chemistry. Chemistry in finding the perfect produce and flavours to work with the wines, as well as the perfect suppliers who share Humble Grape’s strong sustainability ethos.  

Vibrant vegetables used in the plethora of plant-based dishes are supplied by Natoora, a company committed to revolutionising the food system. 

The seafood is supplied by Marrfish who make fishing more sustainable by promoting underutilised British species of fish; using smaller day boats rather than huge trawlers; and even helping to clean up our oceans by carrying large litter bags on board for collecting plastic and general litter that they fish out of the sea and returning it to land for proper recycling. 

Tender meat is from Macken Brothers in Chiswick, and just try to resist the award-winning English cheeses on the Curds and Cured menu.