About us

Whether you're thinking of a career in Food or Wine, Back or Front of House, Finance or Management, there's plenty of opportunity. We provide the learning and a culture that will allow you to shine. All we ask for is your talent, time, enthusiasm and application. Hotel du Vin are one of Europe's leading hotel brands gaining a reputation for being at the cutting edge of hospitality today. At Hotel du Vin we have always believed in delivering hospitality in a different way. Different comes from a belief and a passion that emanates from a genuine and robust people development philosophy.

In an industry that pays lip service to its employees, we in Hotel du Vin live, breath and sleep their passion to succeed. We select our people from all walks of life and from all ages but with one common thread, a desire to succeed in life through hard work, loyalty, enthusiasm and respect for their colleagues. We are growing in size and are in the search for the best talented people on the market, if you have these attributes and they are in your heart then we would love to hear from you.