Kaleidoscope Hotels

Kaleidoscope is a collection of intriguingly designed hotels, full of culture, personality and soul; where people want to work, stay and play.

Whilst each property omits its own unique personality, our privately owned properties have an underlying sense of playful eccentricity throughout, exuding a love for life, a sense of humour and a touch of mischief. We’re a little bit quirky but we do it with zest and big heartedness. With a team who are encouraged to be ‘the you’est you, you can be’, we allow ourselves to be playful and unconventional. Kaleidoscope celebrates the community we have created by sharing experience and knowledge through our teams and welcome the opportunity to work with our local suppliers and businesses. Take a walk down a corridor in any hotel and you’re left wondering what is around the next corner. Dine in our restaurant or relax with a cocktail at the bar and you’ll struggle to find a good enough excuse to leave. The morish atmosphere keeps our guests coming back for more, but it is our teams who are the real secret ingredient; making each visit unique and the real reason everyone keeps coming back.

Yes, we enjoy ourselves while we work and yes, we are proud of our inclusive culture, but one thing you can always count on; we are serious about giving our guests a bloody good time.