Working at Hawksmoor

Childhood friends, Will and Huw, opened their first Hawksmoor in East London in 2006. They wanted to buy great quality ingredients and cook them as simply as possible. They also wanted to stay well clear of the rat race, have fun and hang out with nice people who are great at what they do. That Hawksmoor has grown to be one of the most well-respected restaurant groups in the country, winning awards for food, cocktails, sustainability and as a good employer along the way is a dream come true. Best of all, it means they still get to surround themselves with lovely and talented people…. the kind of people you want to spend all day working with. We’re determined to make sure Hawksmoor remains a great place to work, both for people who have been with us from the early days and those who are just joining us now.

We offer people:

Our professional training, including Hawksmoor’s management development programme, is recognised as being amongst the best in the industry. We don’t just say we train and develop people, we count on it… we fill around 80% of our management roles through promotion.

A good Manager
Everyone deserves a good manager. So we hire and promote managers for their people skills, we invest in management training, and we encourage and help people to give their managers regular feedback on how they are doing.

We know people work hard and really care about doing a good job; you also deserve care and support from us if you need it. As well as being as considerate as possible about your hours, rota and life outside of work, we offer a whole range of financial, and other benefits to help you with life’s ups and downs.

Fair treatment
It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: your race, gender, religious beliefs, family situation, sex life, looks, outside interests, or other characteristics, don’t make a difference and we won’t tolerate discrimination or harassment from anyone who behaves otherwise. We are committed to fair pay, benefits, hours, training, promotion and treatment. We believe in equal pay for equal jobs, and are very proud that, as a result, Hawksmoor does not have a gender pay gap. 100% of service charge goes to people who work in the restaurants, and there are no silly policies making staff accountable for things like breakages or walk-outs.

Be proud of where you work
We hope this sounds like the sort of company you want to be part of; we want people to feel proud of their restaurant, the quality of food and hospitality they offer, the company they work for and the people they work with. If you want to show it off to your friends or family, we’ll give you 50% off food for a table of 2, or for a bigger table if you are bringing your parents or children.