About Us

Ever since Harry Ramsden first started serving his famous fish and chips, a commitment to the best quality products has been the recipe for our success. It’s a difference you can taste with every delicious helping in our restaurants today.

Cod remains the number one choice of the great British public, thanks to its delicous, flaky white flesh and low fat content. Not only that, as cod liver oil is packed with vitamins A, D and omega-3 fatty acids which are associated with many health benefits, too.

Haddock, another lean white marine fish, is a superb source of protein and has a slightly sweet taste that wins it many fans. It also contains a significant amount of vitamin B12, pyridoxine and selenium besides a healthy balance of potassium and sodium.

Plaice is a type of flatfish with soft flesh and a mild flavour with a slight hint of sweetness: rich in vitamin B12, it is also a good source of vitamins A and D, as well as containing omega-3 fatty acids.

Deliciously light, golden and crispy… and that’s all we can tell you. After all, the recipe remains a closely guarded secret!

We use British Maris Piper potatoes, for the simple reason that their texture is perfect for our thick-cut chips. We select only the best, fresh from the ground, then peel, chip and fry them on site.