About us

As a full-boarding school, Harrow employs around 700 people in a variety of teaching and support roles, many of whom work for us all year round.

We expect a great deal from our highly qualified and committed teaching staff and, in return, ensure that they have a rewarding and comfortable life on the Hill. All full-time masters (as well as some operational support staff) live on the estate in well-appointed managed accommodation, as part of an established and welcoming community. Many bring with them families who call the Hill home, and all enjoy an active social calendar. Whether they have an interest in sport or the arts, engineering or astronomy, they are never short of stimulating activities to participate in and contribute to.

Our talented team facilitate excellence across all aspects of the School. The Catering team serve up to 3,000 meals each day, while the Estates department look after over 200 properties and 300 acres of land including a farm and a golf course. From accounts and admissions, through to the sports centre and Vaughan Library, the support departments at Harrow are specialist, diverse and crucial to the School’s success, making up the bulk of our workforce.


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