A match made in gym heaven

With LDNM giving you a fully REPS and CIMSPA accredited qualification and Gymbox providing the world-class setting for launch, your career is going places from day one. Together, we'll help you build your profile as a professional PT, as well as hooking you up with invaluable industry connections to get you wherever you want to be. 

With this course we offer you;

  • The opportunity to run your business from one of Gymbox’s incredible gyms (upon completion)
  • Chance to audition for Gymbox's unique and renowned classes
  • Face-to-face attendance sessions held within Gymbox sites, we are all about making sure you know how to be the best PT you can
  • This isn’t a typical PT crash course in 5 to 6 weeks, its not an online only course where you just feel like a number, we take pride in making sure you get as much time with your educators as possible and learn in the best environment possible
  • Learn from London’s best, in London’s best gyms