What to Watch Out For - Our Top 3 Tips


Be wary of any fitness eduction company offering you a ‘guaranteed job or role’.  Nobody can offer you this unless there’s a catch.  Becoming quailed and then finding a role in a gym or setting up successfully on your own are two very different processes. 

What we say - 

“We will get you through the Level 3 studies, and then provide you with the High Performance content from our course and begin helping you to prepare for potential interviews for places you’d like to work.  We will provide you with a glowing testimonial from Andy McGlynn and you’ll be equipped with a business plan to walk into any interview with.  The roles that will be best suited to you are the ones in which a structured interview or process of screening takes place. Be wary of anybody offering you a role as a PT without first screening you”



Clubs with too many Personal Trainers:  When you attend an interview, it's as much your right to ask questions to the interviewer as it is for them to ask you questions about yourself.   If a club is operating with correct protocols for Personal Trainers they will have what’s called a ‘saturation point’ or a ‘% PT penetration’, this is the optimum number of PTs versus members.  

What we say -

“Typically the Uk average for gym members engaged in PT is about 5%, but this figure can fluctuate.  In other words, 5% of the total membership-based could be engaged in PT.  Read our 3 Step Kickstart report to learn more about the questions to ask at the interview and a full breakdown on how the numbers are calculated."



The concern that you won't be able to build a client base:  Its a common fear and one that puts many aspiring PT’s off.  

What we say  -  

“We teach you from the outset how to consider the conversion rates of what is known in business circles as the ‘sales cycle’. Every business uses this. For you, as a PT there are 3 key parts - the initial engagement, making it meaningful, pleasant and adding value by giving some tips and NOT being pushy or ‘asking for something’, but rather offering something of worth.  The next step is the all-important consultation, we teach you some of the most impacting methods to facilitate a consultation in our High Performance PT Diploma, and the final stage is the conversion into a paying client.


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