Want to become a PT?


Not all PT Diplomas are the same. Our High Performance PT Diploma truly leads the field in giving you the best possible chance of success with it’s added High Performance element.


This additional rendering of the standard level 3 will gives you insights of assessment methods, advanced holistic protocols, programme design structure and cutting edge selling strategies, all of which give you an advantage over existing Personal Trainers.


Introducing You To Any Gym Chain

Many Education companies showcase their partnership with various gym chains, we are connected to all of them and we can introduce you to any chain you are thinking of working with, or we can assist you should you be looking to set up independently.


Glowing Testimonial

When you complete your studies in our High Performance programme you will receive a powerful and glowing testimonial that you can add in to your portfolio to showcase to your clients and for any interview or role that you go up for.


Connecting You To The Industry

With our connections and partnerships to many of the worlds most prestigious institutions and forward thinking companies, we will bring the global fitness industry to your doorstep and introduce you to companies that can really help you to progress with secondary revenue opportunities, advanced certifications and equipment providers.


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