Working at Greggs

Our Customers

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and everyone at Greggs has a role to play in providing great service. So whether you’re working in a shop, at one of our production sites producing and delivering great quality products, or at one of our office locations, helping someone who is serving a customer, you have a big part to play!

What makes Greggs a Great Place to Work

Our People

People who work here tell us that one of the best things about Greggs are the people and how we don’t want to let each other down. You can expect a lot of fun at Greggs and also a family atmosphere. To help promote fun at work, a variety of activities take place whether that’s to help raise money for charity, a team night out or a locally organised event

Your Learning & Development

We are committed to helping you develop the necessary skills and knowledge to perform your job effectively and fulfil your potential. Forget about any dull training sessions you may have been on in the past! Our training is full of energy, action packed and fast paced!

Our Communities

Supporting our local communities is really important to Greggs and our people. We’ve now launched over 400 breakfast clubs providing a ital free breakfast to primary school children. These are a few quotes from our people on of some of the great work we do!

“Spending time out of my day job to help a local homeless charity was really rewarding and keeps things in perspective”
“It’s great to work with a local school and to support the development of young people.- One day they might work for us!”

Your Rewards and Benefits

At Greggs, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset, and that everybody should share in our success. We continuously review the range of benefits and welcome any suggestions or ideas about the benefits we offer.