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Batemans have beencraft brewers since 1874 and have now evolved the branding to help represent this. Batemans are extremely proud of their heritage and the part which the Batemans Brewery windmill has played in the history and success of the family company. The windmill is synonymous with Batemans Brewery, which is why it remains the core image of the new branding. Pub Company of the Year is a tremendous accolade, but they are far more than that. Batemans are a Brewery with some fantastic pubs and fantastic people! To them pubs aren’t ‘bricks and mortar' they are the heart and soul of communities, where customers congregate to enjoy themselves, meet friends, relax and celebrate.


Batemans are not a listed company and don’t have to do that horrible thing referred to as 'sweating the assets', they are here for the long term and feel privileged to work with tenants, managers and pub operators who share their vision and passion for Good Honest Pubs.


Batemans are in their fourth generation of a brewing family who work with some great people, who run some great pubs, selling great food and great beer it doesn’t get any better than that!


They have a wide and varied selection of pubs to choose from but are predominantly in Lincolnshire, Derbyshire Dales, Yorkshire and Norfolk but they all share two very important elements... a passion to offer great customer service whether you are stopping for an evening celebration or a quick drink on the way home from work or shopping.Plus having at least one of Batemans Good Honest Ales on tap for you to savour!


Our Agreements

Tenancy Agreement

The Batemans tenancy agreement is a refreshing change from the industry norm. Batemans tenants enjoy a Cash and Carry pricing structure on all their wet products therefore receive the benefit of increased margins, no rent reviews and the autonomy to grow and develop their own business with the support of a passionate family company with traditional values.


Pub Operating Agreement

Batemans believe their Pub Operator Agreement is the most favourable in the industry. It is designed to bring out your entrepreneurial spirit and rewards for your excellent controls. You will have all the tools you require at your disposal to enable the development of your own food and accommodation offer with the our help and support.


Our Team

The Batemans team are dedicated and passionate staff who have grown with the company, delivering the highest quality of service in addition to a premium product offering.The Company ethos and values are echoed across their teams.  All members of staff take a pride in being part of an organisation where going the extra mile to serve customers outside and inside the business is treated with such importance. Each pub has a Retail Area Manager who works alongside the tenant, manager or pub operator in order to offer them any advice or assistance they require. The Retail Area Managers are part of the Retail Department who help assist and guide you especially in the early days of running your own business. The Retail Department are not interested in how other breweries or pub companies run their pubs, they are interested in each individual pub, business and operators and have the skills to tailor assistance to meet their needs and requirements. Would you like to join them?


Malcom Gray – Butcher & Beast, Heighington

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