About us

Gaucho restaurants celebrate a milestone 25th anniversary this year, having matured into a much-loved collection of special places to eat, known for the finest Argentine steak and wine in the UK with sixteen locations across London and in Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Famed for  beef, wine and exceptional service, the company has recently gone through a major turnaround which has seen the creation of a new, highly experienced management team put in place by a new set of owners.

Argentina’s most famous contribution to world cuisine is its exceptional beef. The expansive landscape of the country holds delights of its own in the rich grasses of the Pampas, ideal for cattle grazing. Chorizo, lomo, cuadril or ancho – however you like your steak cut, there’s only one way to cook it and that’s over an open flame. From the smoky campsite of the gauchos to the kitchens of the most sought after restaurants and chefs, the asado (barbecue) is a permanent fixture on the Argentine menu. Eaten with friends and family, the traditional Sunday asado can feature anything from sweetbreads to sausages, beef ribs to offal – but it’s the steak that remains the star of the show. Served hot and directly from the flames, sprinkled with salt, topped with chimichurri and served with a glass of Malbec. 

Our new menus feature interpretations of dishes which have been loved across the company for many years and are considered classics. Our new Argentine Executive Head Chef, Max Castaldo, has also introduced a selection of dishes which are a reflection of the innovation and creativity now inspiring a new generation of chefs and emerging restaurants celebrated across Latin America.