Our restaurants

OFK, Kuwait and Dubai
Immersive, experiential dining centred around an open flame kitchen.

White Robata, Kuwait
A Japanese-American restaurant featuring an open-pit robata grill to incorporate the Robatayaki, a Japanese cooking method in which premium ingredients are cooked at varying speeds over hot charcoal.

Midar, Kuwait
Inspired by Kuwait’s Golden Era in the 1960s and 1970s, Midar brings together the architecture, music and food celebrated back then under one roof.

Burger Boutique, Qatar, KSA
Using only the finest ingredients, Burger Boutique defies the misconceptions around burgers by changing them in to high-end, globally influenced gourmet dishes that incorporate top-quality ingredients.

Slider Station, Muscat, Kuwait, Bahrain
Slider Station took its inspiration from the American gas stations in the 1940s, becoming today the world’s first conveyor belt burger joint. The restaurant serves a diverse selection of American Tapas and gourmet sliders and dishes influenced by international flavours, giving diners the chance to try out different meals simultaneously.

B + F, Kuwait
B + F is an upscale casual-dining restaurant featuring an open-fire charcoal grill that presents guests with a unique atmosphere and an authentic way of cooking.

Milk Bun, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman
Milk Bun promises its guests a unique, futuristic, and user-friendly experience: whether through its innovative ordering process using omnichannel digital portals, unconventional interior design, or even delivery service.

Lazy Cat, Kuwait
Being the first of its kind, Lazy Cat is the ideal spot for those looking to have a laidback meal during breakfast, brunch or early lunch in a serene place. As the name indicates, the restaurant’s atmosphere invites its guests to take their time as they enjoy its wide array of sweet and savoury menu options that satisfy everyone’s palates.

Cocoa Room,  Kuwait
Cocoa Room is a modern restaurant that offers contemporary breakfast items and focuses on the fine quality of used ingredients. Cocoa Room pays special attention to food art and presentation, which is made evident by its unique live chocolate tempering station that is placed to make every moment “picture perfect”.

Nomad, GCC
Operating through a vintage 1973 airstream, Nomad Kitchen is a mobile restaurant constantly on the move in GCC.  Presenting customers with the chance to try out different burgers and side dishes, all prepared using high-quality ingredients.

Roadside Diner, Oman
A modern twist on an American classic. Offering a modern twist on the classic menu of the 1950s American diner concept, Roadside Diner serves high-end burgers that are freshly made to order, in addition to a broad selection of beverages. The restaurant is perfect for lunch and dinner with its casual yet upscale design.

BRW, Kuwait
An Epicurean Coffeehouse for an Immersive experience. Adopting an innovative approach to the coffeehouse concept, BRW promises its guests a memorable treat. Being a refined and experiential coffeehouse, BRW serves various speciality coffee, artisanal drinks, and freshly baked goods, creating endless flavour combinations.