Anyone who is internally promoted with us, has a RISE with GAIL's story to tell. We believe in nurturing our internal talent, with an aim that 70% of management to be promoted internally. There is plenty of freedom to grow within GAIL's and we support our Bakery Managers to empower their teams to get involved in areas of the business they are passionate about. Our bakery teams provide on-site cross training for all staff members wanting to branch into baking, coffee or leadership. Below are just a few inspiring RISE with GAIL's stories.


Alice's development started shortly after joining as a Barista in 2019 at our beautiful bakery in Soho and found herself taking on new challenges and inspiring people with skill and love for perfectly made coffee. Now one of our Coffee Partners, Alice coaches our New Bakery Opening coffee teams and travels around existing bakeries conducting audits and extra training.



Mihaela works as a dedicated Head Barista with our South-East Region. Starting her GAIL's journey as a Team Member, she worked directly with her Bakery Manager and bakery coffee team to further her development over a 10-month time frame. 



Michal is one of our longest serving Breadheads and our Head of Operations at GAIL's, He's been with us since 2017, so he's truly part of the furniture. Michal joined as an Assistant Bakery Manager, crafting a career over a 6-year period. He now leads our Operations Team and Bakery Managers so we can serve world class bread and speciality crafted coffee to neighbourhoods across the UK.