We bake fresh, handmade bread, pastries and cakes every day, served with our carefully-sourced house blend speciality coffee. We take great pleasure in using the best ingredients we can find for food and drink, using seasonal ingredients from suppliers we trust. 



Good ingredients make good food possible, but it takes a community of curated partners and a group of skilful bakers to make it real. The food team work tirelessly on their mission to create delicious, interesting food that captures the hearts of our teams & customers. All whilst sourcing and working with like-minded partners that take as much time as we do.


Our coffee is award winning, this is possible because of our fantastic coffee team who drive consistency, efficiency, knowledge and innovation across our bakeries. Our speciality blend has been created in partnership with Union, a roaster that champion ethical sourcing standards.




Want to learn more about their partnership? Watch the video below. 


We take great pride in the ingredients we use and the network of partners we choose to work with. From food and coffee to the art on our walls, we work with like-minded businesses that take as much time and care as we do. With a focus on sustainability, our partners all have a story to tell and their individual impact at GAILS's is something truly worth celebrating. Below are just a couple of stories from our producers, however the full series can be found on our website.