Our vision

To deliver the best pub experience within the Four Shires.

The Culture we must push to create within our teams and the overall business.

Commitment – The directors, Employed Staff, and all professional associates are totally committed to the vision of Freespirit Pub Co

Integrity – We always speak the truth, and what we promise, we deliver. Truth and honesty is the foundation of this business, and upheld by all involved.

Responsibility – We all agree that taking responsibility is our commitment to the team. Mistakes will happen but are seen as learning opportunity, and as long we learn, that is better than not taken responsibility.

Excellence – Good isn’t good enough. The whole team aim to deliver excellence in both product and service., offering exceptional quality and value for our team and guests.

We always aim to stay on a constant and never ending improvement cycle of creativity and innovation.

Communication – The Whole team to speak positively of one another in both public and private. We always listen to reason but never gossip.

We all agree to discuss concerns with the person involved

Systems – Systems are simply the way we do things. We always look to the system for a solution. If a challenge arises we look to the system before we look at a person correction.

Learning – It is our duty to help develop the skills of our colleagues.

By sharing practicable and useable knowledge we enhance the business, empower our team, and offer greater satisfaction.

Teamwork  It takes a team to deliver this vision. No single person can do it. We learn to work together and and appreciate one another.

Firstly you must deliver your role to the required standards and then secondly help your colleagues achieve their goals and more.

Balance – We recognise a good life is a balance life.

We all have our own goals and dreams and business / work is just part of life – The balance is very important.

Honesty – Loyalty- Commitment – Teamwork – Balance – Drive