About Us

About FIE

Mission Statement

Fitness Industry Education is committed to providing progressive fitness based education and training of the highest standard. This commitment extends to all areas of the industry, from group exercise to music delivery to centre programme co-ordination and administration. We aim to instill in our graduates a sense of excitement to assist all they can, and a sense of satisfaction when they have.

Company History

The inception of the modular based training courses provided by Fitness Industry Education occurred in Australia by the Institute For Fitness Professionals in the 1980's. The courses were based on the then current industry standard for certification of an Australian Fitness Leader as set out by the Australian Fitness Accreditation Council.

The Institute gained government recognition for its work with long term unemployed through training individuals with an interest in fitness and seeing them through to sustained employment in their chosen field.

Over time, courses were developed and updated continuously to ensure students received the most up to date education pertaining to both knowledge and industry requirements. A main focus of the directors has always been the use of modern technology to enhance student's learning experience.

In 1998, The Institute For Fitness Professionals set up a branch in the United Kingdom, EdFit Ltd. All modules were mapped against the UK standards for professional certification, the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) standards, and were modified to suit. Centre Approval by the Government Awarding Body, Central YMCA Qualifications, was granted in late 1998 and courses commenced.

Through constant development and to keep in line with the company's Mission Statement, EdFit evolved into Fitness Industry Education (FIE).  FIE was the first training provider to offer fitness based qualification wholly online and has been a leader in utilising new technology to enhance learning and course delivery. Through constant development, the current FIE web site uses some of the latest web technologies to track learners through their course and provide them with a range of support mechanisms to ensure their success.

Over the last 10 years, FIE has continued to develop its range of courses, now offering courses awarded by Active IQ and the Register Of Exercise Professionals (REPS). FIE has also branched out into other countries including Australia, India and the United States.

Our aim is to provide fitness enthusiasts with the opportunity to obtain the highest quality industry qualifications, utilising the most accessible medium available - the Internet.