Meet the Team

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Hi guys! My name is Andrea, I’m one of the trainers here at FaceGym.


First off I just want to give you a little insight into my background. I started out in the industry 10 years ago (WOW I feel old) – I’m originally from Northumberland and did a 2 year Beauty Therapy sciences BTEC course at Newcastle College (yes I’m the Geordie one although my accent seems to have softened over the years)! I started out working on various beauty counters, in spas, a skin specialist at Dermalogica, as a massage therapist in Megeve in French Alps and working as an aesthetic therapist for a cosmetic doctor.


I’ve always had a keen interest in skincare and holistic therapies, so I have tended to stay in this section of the beauty industry. All this gives me a great foundation for working at FaceGym – a massage background really helps as all of our workouts are massage based, you have to have a certain touch! Saying this so many people ask me how am I able to do all of this massage day after day – well, for those of you who are therapists out there you know that with years of massage you build up a certain strength to it. During the day it’s very important that we do stretches, stretching out our hands and arms in particular. Our muscles need to be stretched out so we don’t cause injury and to be able to give you the best possible workout, this job is very physical and requires a lot of stamina and strength. So keeping yourself fit outside of work is a must, I personally like to be outdoors being from the country so I do a lot of walking, I get the bike out when I’m feeling brave enough to endure London traffic! Also I like yoga and pilates which is great for your mindset and core strength.


On a normal daily basis at Facegym I see around 8-10 clients. A lot of my clients have become regulars which is always nice to see, I love to catch up with you all and have a laugh (it’s not all serious treatment rooms with whale music here at facegym) :). Our day usually starts with organising ourselves and the studio, if we are feeling in the mood sometimes we do a group meditation on a Sunday morning, then we have a quick brief and it’s on to the first client. Some really busy days we are on the go literally like a machine ploughing through the day, other days it’s nice to spend some time chatting to your client; we always seem to have a new product or something going on so it’s nice to spend some time talking about it. On a quieter day we help out our lovely receptionist Charlotte or do some product training etc. The reason I love this job and why I became a therapist is because I like to help people whether its making them feel more confident about their appearance, less stressed, more knowledgeable about their skin and products and generally feeling GOOD. It’s so rewarding to see you personally have made a difference to the way someone looks and feels! I’m very lucky to work in an environment which is fun, friendly and has a lovely vibe.