About Us

Welcome to EZE Fitness - a national chain of health clubs which are all about 'Feeling Great!'. EZE Fitness clubs deliver results. Whatever your health and fitness needs our fitness staff will put together a solution designed to get you 'Feeling Great'. We consistently strive to deliver a positive service to our customers with highly qualified staff and state of the art facilities.

The EZE Fitness difference is 'quality systems, quality service, delivering quality results'. We work hard to maintain operational continuity and standards so that our customers have the best possible quality experience. EZE Fitness clubs offer a relaxed environment designed to suit all exercise types whatever your age, size or ability.

Sarah Dack-McGuiness

Employee testimonial - Sarah Dack-McGuiness

'I started working for Eze Fitness as a Studio Co-ordinator and part-time gym instructor back in early 2007. This was most definitely the best career decision I ever made! With a mixture of hard work, lots of training supplied by Eze, both in house and externally along with support from the Company Directors, I now manage my own Eze Fitness club with over 2000 members!

I would highly recommend anyone looking to progress their career to choose Eze Fitness as they treat their staff like their stars and this shows in the quality of staff and the longevity of each employee’s length of service.

The biggest isn’t always the best, Eze Fitness doesn’t want to be the biggest but they are certainly on their way to being the best. I made the right decision, make sure you do too’!