Working for us

Our Vision

Beautifully situated destinations with personality, flair and innovation delivered by passionate people who give exceptional service as seen through the eyes of our guests. 

Our vision is a statement giving a broad and aspirational image of the future that we are aiming to create. It focuses our direction, helps us to know where to put our efforts and affects the decisions we make.


"Like a family, we respect and empower each other and encourage personality, development and quality..........and we have fun!"


"Through little details we go beyond the guest expectation and deliver customer influenced innovation"


"With clear vision and focused ambitions we work with integrity doing what is right not what is easy".


"We take responsibility for our environment and make the most of our resources".

What Our People Say about Working With Us..........

"The culture is amazing, you get a warm and friendly feeling from everyone you meet. There is a lot investment in the property and the company is dedicated to delivering "Wow" experiences to our guests and colleagues. It's a company that cares for it's employees. Like any company, it's hard work and challenging but it's driven to achieving goals."

"If you don't mind pouring your heart and soul into the job and are not too fussed about immediate results then it is worth applying.... The standards are quite high and there is a lot to learn."

"Safe place to work, lots of benefits and a friendly place."

"It would be a positive experience which would contribute to your growth and development."

"Exclusive hotels is a lovely place to work.  The staff are all friendly and make you feel very welcome.  The hotel and the grounds are beautiful."

"You could get to work with people from different countries, get opportunities, benefits and learn to provide "WOW' service and get the chance to improve yourself in the field of hospitality."