Our Initiatives

As a global airline, we recognise our position and impact in the world. We understand our responsibilities towards the environment, the communities we serve, and our ability to influence and make positive changes.  

We provide air links that promote tourism and trade, we support jobs across all sectors, from manufacturing to service, and we employ close to 40,000 people from over 160 countries. 

We also bring people together through sports and cultural sponsorships and partnerships with local organisations. It’s a way for us to engage with the local community and make a positive impact wherever we fly. We tackle global issues by carrying humanitarian aid, implementing anti-human trafficking initiatives and preventing the illegal transportation of endangered wildlife.

Through the Emirates Airline Foundation, we fly teachers, medical teams, engineers and other volunteers to humanitarian projects that support underprivileged children around the world. 

We’re conscious of making sure our operations are sustainable. Our aircraft fleet is young and fuel efficient, and we design routes that take advantage of natural tailwinds and weather systems to reduce fuel burn and emissions. We source products from suppliers with a sustainable outlook, we’re reducing plastic consumption and increasing our recycling, and constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint. 

Our standards are high in terms of business practices. This includes data privacy and protection considerations, anti-corruption and bribery practices, and other ethical business codes of conduct that we expect from employees, suppliers and partners.