About Eataly

A unique Shopping and dining experience.

The Eataly brand is currently thriving in 15 countries over 4 continents and has been growing since the first store in 2007.

We are not a chain, each store is different, its own character, its own theme – different restaurants, different sizes and different outlets but all with one cultural aim... for our guests to EAT, SHOP and LEARN.

  • Eat in our restaurants what you can buy in our shops
  • Shop what you can eat in our restaurants
  • Learn about high-quality food with our team and even our cookery school

High quality produce and sustainability is at the heart of what Eataly is all about. We work with the best Italian products and locally sourced items from producers that share our philosophy of “good, clean, and fair”.

Social responsibility is innate in our company, from selecting products, suppliers and locations, to being involved in various charitable projects.

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