Our history

In 1958 Andre Drucker borrowed £1000 and opened a continental coffee lounge - La Boheme - on the site of an old bookshop in Aston Street, Birmingham. Frustrated that he could not buy good cakes he then decided that what Birmingham needed was a coffee and cake shop along the lines of those he was used to in Vienna.

A tiny shop in the cosmopolitan suburb of Moseley became available and he converted the rear into a bakery and fitted out the front with a counter and three small tables. He recruited a master baker from Hamelin in Germany and on 6 October 1964, we opened our doors to our first customers.

At first people were bewildered by the exotic appearance of the cakes and alarmed that one slice of something called Schwarzwalderkirschtorte could cost as much as six iced buns. It was only when more people began to take their holidays abroad that they recognised what they saw through the Druckers shop window.

Our business has since grown steadily and now has 21 cafes nationwide, all offering a wide selection of mouth-watering patisserie, savoury products and great coffee.

Andre Drucker's legacy is maintained with great pride. Druckers products are made by highly skilled people in a well equipped bakery. The cafes feature unique artwork, often with a humorous reference to various aspects of the business, and in general the philosophy of providing the customer with a special treat remains as important as ever.