About us

We are passionate:
We love what we do, we do it with hard work and with the appetite to do the right thing.

We work as a team. We offer the most insightful and educational support packages, because the right knowledge is a powerful motivator. We passionately believe that every member of the team can shine.

Our succession planning programme is award winning and each year we take on at least 10 apprentices. As part of our commitment to developing the youth of today our chosen charity is the Duke of Edinburgh and in the last 5 years we have raised over £45,000.

We are innovative:
We create delightfully surprising experiences for our customers and each other.

Our Eat Well Live Well concept supports our local and fresh food offer and compliments your healthy eating and living initiatives. We will bring to your service:

  • A food offer with calories and nutritional information
  • Easily adaptable healthy food choice menus
  • Live Well information to support any wellbeing initiatives within the business
  • Innovative ideas to utilise the restaurant space to improve employee wellbeing such as board games, exercise classes and relaxation areas