Our values

At Danieli Leisure we know that delivering great results is important, but what is even more important is how we deliver them! With that in mind we operate our venues with these at the forefront of our thinking –

‘We are Safe and Legal’ – we recognise that only by working with our local authority partners and within a legal framework will we continue to operate some of the North East’s best venues. We believe in ensuring that at all times our guests and Team’s are safe in our surroundings and we have the infrastructure in place to aid our Teams in delivering businesses that are compliant with all relevant Food Safety, Health and Safety, Licencing and Fire Safety legislation. 

‘We are One Team’ – we understand that only by working together as one Team can we continue to be successful and deliver guest experiences that help to make memories. We are always willing to help each other deliver the best service we can, though within that we understand the importance of taking responsibilities for our own actions. We share ideas, and we aren’t scared of taking responsibility for our own development in order to become better at what we do, regardless of how high our personal goals are set. 

‘We are Moving Forward, Always’ – we are always looking at how we can grow our venues, ourselves and the division. In our venues we look to grow our service levels, our sales, our profitability, day-by-day. Within ourselves we look to grow as individuals by committing to be the best version of ourselves every day and deliver our best always by doing what we say we’re going to do. Within the division we are always looking for the next opportunity to move the company forward towards our goal of operating, what guests consider, to be the best venues in their town or city.

‘We are Ready to Reward’ – we understand that each of us do what we do within hospitality for different reasons. For this we stand ready to reward. Whether this be rewarding your performance, rewarding through incentives, rewarding through career development and progression, we believe in tailoring our rewards to you as an individual.

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