Yann Duboux

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Originally from Switzerland, I have always been keen in working in hospitality. Acquiring techniques and experiences was essential to seek excellence. I graduated from École Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2014, and from there on my obsession about food, customer service, health and work ethics grew stronger and I was ready to take on any challenges. After working around the world I settled in London, epicentre for food culture and diversity. In 2018 I gave my curriculum vitae to CPRESS with no other ambition but to immerse myself in their driven dream; become the premium go to organic, gluten free, dairy free Café in London.

I started at CPRESS behind the counter with a definite motto: “focus on the process, and the result will follow.'' During 6 months I was obsessed with serving the best of CPRESS to our growing customers. From there on I was valued and was offered a promotion to help transit the company from “start up” to a fully structure organisation. My creative ideas to develop a Human Resources department were always well received and valued. I always felt respected and challenged, which allowed me to grow in my career and find my voice. I am now proudly working for CPRESS as a brand developer, and couldn’t be happier about my decision to join the company.

Lucas Marrone Schmidt

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I was born and raised in Brazil, where the coffee production culture is by far the largest in the world and since I was a small kid I have always loved the taste of coffee. Unfortunately because of my weak stomach, I used to always have problems when drinking coffee - burning sensations, nausea and caffeine jitters. It was only when I came to London and started working as a barista at CPRESS that I found out the problem was not the coffee, but the way most coffees are produced - with tons of chemicals. After having CPRESS 100% organic top quality coffee I realized I could finally drink coffee without feeling sick. In consequence I discovered a whole new world called Specialty Coffee which refers to the dedication of people who work with coffee and care about all of its production stages, from the cherry at an independent small farm until it gets to the costumer's cup at your local coffee shop.

I fell in love with this speciality-coffee world and that allowed me to learn and dedicate myself to provide a unique experience to our customers. After a while, CPRESS management noticed my dedication and passion for the job and decided to offer me a special opportunity. I now work at the head office of CPRESS as Barista Manager and my everyday mission is to develop in our baristas that same passion I discovered a few years ago.

CPRESS will always put passion and dedication ahead of anything else and I will always be grateful to have been given this opportunity. If you are looking for a place where you would like to develop a career, find something meaningful to work with and not only look after your health but other's as well, come and join CPRESS!